The Manufacturing Game®

Creating Reliable Performance

The Manufacturing Game® is a tool that promotes organizational change through an experiential simulation for companies around the world. Our workshops, including The Manufacturing Game®,  The OilPro Game®,  and The Defect Elimination Game® are innovative “high-touch, high-tech” learning labs that train frontline workers and their managers to better understand the journey from the Reactive Domain to the Precision Domain by improving throughput, increasing equipment reliability and operating in a safe and environmentally sound manner while making a profit for the company.

Since 1993, The Manufacturing Game® has conducted workshops world-wide for industries such as chemicals, oil and gas, mining, tire manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, pipelines, paper, utilities, steel, aluminum, and more. Our teams of professionally trained in-house facilitators and external facilitators are steeped in industry experience and organizational change. They are proponents of cross functional defect elimination as the key element along with best practices to achieve bottom line results.

The Manufacturing Game®

The Manufacturing Game® simulation workshops create a lasting reliability culture through Systems Thinking, Cross Functional Behavior and Defect Intolerance.

  • 2-day workshops
  • Train frontline workers and their managers to better understand the journey from one stable domain to another
  • Roles for Operations, Maintenance, and Business Services – participants assume a different role from the one they perform daily
  • Game highlights collaborative interdependent relationships
  • Improvement activities participants can do on the job
  • Results include operating improvements within 90 days and financial impact within one year

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The OilPro Game®

The OilPro Game® is an interactive simulation based on The Manufacturing Game® to significantly improve performance in the upstream oil and gas industry.

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 The Defect Elimination Game®

The Defect Elimination Game® is an interactive simulation based on The Manufacturing Game® to sustain improvements by connecting defect elimination work orders to the company’s CMMS.

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Client Results

Our simulations have been used as a catalyst to launch successful improvement campaigns in a variety of industries.

  • A refinery reduced annual operating costs by more than $37 million, increasing throughput by 7.4%
  • A chemical company moved from “average” to “world class” on maintenance cost as a percent of replacement value
  • A pipeline company reduced call-outs in a single area from 8-10 per week to 0-1 per week

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"After playing the game myself, I saw this as a powerful tool to help change the way we think and act about our business."
Brian Johnson,
Alyeska Pipeline Service Company
"An Action Team of operators, mechanics and engineers found the root cause of our centrifuge problems, saving $150,000... and delivering $5MM additional throughput."
GayEllen Stulp,
Eli Lily
"Our Action Teams found and eliminated over 100 defects. The savings in our area exceeded $2 Million"
Micky Logan,
Eastman Chemical
"The game shows that the interconnection of the functions has a bearing on how we do our maintenance.... Seeing this has changed my whole approach."
Jerry Leach, Maintenance Planner
"The key thing that some of us woke up to was the idea of defects...the fact that they impact everything we do."
Tommy Fagan,
"The Manufacturing Game® played a major role in improving throughput by 21% without spending any significant capital."
Kirk Wolfinger,
"A cross functional action team modified a bracket magazine, which was shutting down the line. Their efforts produced an annual savings of $45,000."
Winston Lakshman,
PCS Trinidad
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Butane Sphere
British Petroleum Refinery - Lima, OH
In just a few months, this team eliminated over $1.5 million annually in operational losses with only a $5,000 investment.
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